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I just wanted to point out some interesting features and functionality of this sample application on the front page of the Web Mapping APIs.

First, it takes advantage of some free services for noncommercial use available through ArcGIS Online such as the street base map, which is a cached tiled map service. It also uses some sample services that are published under our sampleserver1 through ArcGIS Online, including a dynamic map service for the population density polygons, a geoprocessing task to calculate the population within the 100 mile predefined buffer, and a geometry task to create the buffer (polygon graphic with geometries). All of these services and tasks are served up through ArcGIS Online and does not require the client application to perform any analysis or calculation, it is all done by ArcGIS Online.

Another interesting usage of a service is how it uses Yahoo Pipes to get the earthquakes from the USGS using GeoRSS feeds and returns it as JSON. The earthquakes are retrieved after the map loads and it populates the data grid with these results. To demonstrate some of the capabilities of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript the InfoWindow is used along with the InfoTemplate to show the attributes from the earthquakes. PictureMarkerSymbols are used as graphics to display the longitude and latitude of each earthquake.  The code is well documented and you can take away some good coding patterns as well as how to combine multiple services into a single application. If anyone has any applications they would like to discuss or post, feel free to upload them to our community.




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This map is fantastic. After briefly studying the map, I found myself immediately googling an image of the world's tectonic plates. Perhaps that would be an interesting layer to add.

Whether or not you add such a layer, thanks for a great and informative map.

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